Age: 2 - 6

Age: 6 - 15

Splash International

At Splash we understand that children and students need creative and safe environment to promote their love of learning and joy of discovering. Our International School and Kindergarten provides care and education for children aged 2-15 years. We are accredited by Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic as well as by Pearson Edexcel Program for International Schools.

We think beyond conventional methods of education and provide care and education for children from early stages of life. The name Splash is a symbol of children´s spontaneity and enjoyment to dive into unknown waters of life. Do not hesitate and jump with us into that magical world.


whole day program in English language

What makes us different?

International curriculum  in English

Innovative approach to learning through experience and play with international certification

Child - centered education

Respecting individual needs and talents of each child, balancing their academic, social and emotional development

Remarkable student teacher ratio

Learning in small multi-age groups providing special care fitted to children´s needs

Students  love coming to school

Creative and supportive environment promoting the love of learning